Cookie Policy

Cookiesare bits of data that are sent to and from your browser to identify you when you visit a website. They are basically of two types, in-short you can find it here in authentication and tracking cookies paragraph. How a particular website manages them on a website is called cookies policy.

  • Authentication Cookies: These cookies save a user’s information when they log into a website. They include details like your username, password, and account information. By using a unique session identifier, these cookies allow you to access the website without logging in repeatedly. It’s like getting a coat check ticket at a concert – it has no intrinsic value outside of the event but is essential for retrieving your coat later.
  • Tracking Cookies: These cookies record your web usage and store information about your session on a website. They track the pages you visit and personalize your searches, showing you content tailored to your interests. For example, when you use a search engine, it notes what you’re looking for and displays relevant products or services. However, tracking cookies have raised privacy concerns, prompting regulations to protect consumer privacy and prevent hackers from accessing sensitive data.

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