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Hi, I’m Milind Bhatt. I’ve been passionate about technical teaching and academic administration for over 20 years. I’ve held various roles, including Head of Department, Academic Coordinator of an engineering college, and State-level Entrance Examination Institute Counseling In-charge at different UG and PG Colleges in India. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience with my students and alumni, which is why I’m creating a series of lectures in a form of articles here in this website as well as videos on youtube, covering various programming concepts in depth. I believe that a strong foundation in programming is essential for anyone interested in pursuing a career in technology. In these lectures, I’ll cover a wide range of topics, from basic data structures and algorithms to advanced concepts like object-oriented programming and design patterns. I’ll also share my insights on the latest trends in the tech industry and how you can prepare for a successful career.

The main goal of the ezylearning.in is to help you in this era of competitive examinations, company placement, interviews and any other tests that involve computer science subjects.

You can accomplish anything with consistent effort and thorough learning, which demands your dedicated commitment.

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